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  1. do you have a guide for installing your android built to a hdd. I follow your bootable ISO steps but in the end my vmware vm doesn’t boot.
    it seems like either grub isn’t installing or the partition isn’t being made bootable, i dunno. i just need a step-by-step guide please.

  2. Well, your newest kernel (Android 7.1.1 – April 2017) is running great here on my Zotac ZSphere IO520+ with an i5 processor, 16 GB of Mem, and a Samsung 850 SSD, but…. I have stupid overscanning issues with my Sony Bravia HD Ready TV (1920x1080i max..) (I know it’s old, but it’s huge, and nice to use and work with as an extra screen in my office)….
    Tried to fix this with the app called Tuner UI (which worked in the latest Remix OS 3.x version for me) from the Play Store, but it immediately crashed on me 🙁
    Could you please be able to provide me with root on Andex 7.1.1?
    Or do you know how to adjust the overscanning to 0,17,0,17 and the resolution on boot from the good old GRUB or command-line? And maybe how to change it from within the old GRUB?

    • You can’t become root. Sorry.

      I don’t know about UI Tuner. I’ll check it out.

      Resolution: You could try to add (for example)
      DPI=140 UVESA_MODE=1920×1080 to the kernel line in grub.cfg

      • Please post instructions on how to edit this file on your distro. Many commands I tried in the Console are not working. 🙁 For instance: there is no Nano or Pico to edit files? Which package manager should be used? There is no Apt-get / yum to install nano or pico to edit stuff? From Android itself I can’t edit files in the /system or /boot folder?

        • And even though /system should be mounted r/w (I have set it up at first install)? What’s the point of having the system r/w if you can’t edit /system from Andoid? Many questions here…..

          • You can’t edit system files (unless you boot up another Linux system and mount the partition where you have installed AndEX).

  3. Or do you want me to just press “e” to change the first line in the grub menu while booting? If so, how to save this line? Will it be saved?

  4. I will try with a GParted live cd 🙂 Mounting should work there 🙂 Many thanks!!

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