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  1. Hi, wireless network and external bluetooth have support? I boot the 5.0.2 in an old Dell Inspiron 1545 and the wireless not enable.


  2. I tried to run x-86 44r2 but it is not able to get to internet as I am behind a non transparent proxy. I tried several patches but none worked.
    Is your 444 paid pack able to use internet behind a non transparent proxy? If I pay for it, and does not work, might I get my money back?

    • No, no “evaluation possibilities”. Too complicated (for me). And I don’t know if you can use Internet behind a non transparent proxy using my Android-x86 versions.

  3. Hi, does your version manage to operate Aspire One D250 wireless card?
    Haven’t found an Android x86 version that works this yet. LAN works fine, but wireless – never.
    If it works, I’ll be glad to buy your distribution. TNX.

  4. Hi, thanks for the ISO’s. Your 5.X ISO worked on my Dell E6420 laptop. I live booted it and tested WiFi and Bluetooth successfully. So then I bought the $8 4.4.4 build 2 and while it boots and WiFi turns on, the Bluetooth does not turn on. 🙁

  5. Hello,

    which iso can i run on on a asus eeepc 900 (intel gma900). I have the 4gb ssd + 12gb ssd version. When it will work i will buy the iso.

  6. Hi, I can boot from cd, can install to usb stick, runs well first time, but I cannot boot directly after to usb.

    I asked for grub installed, and my usb stick is bootable, I can boot with other systems from it, including other Android x86 releases and with grub.

    Any idea for yours?

    • Hi,

      I have no experience re. installing the system to a USB stick (with Grub and presistence). Only a “normal” USB installation with LiLi. Sorry. Please let me know if you find a solution.

  7. There is a solution but through easybcd, so one needs windows on the machine, and not uefi.
    but I can do it with grub on other android x86 as I told you, I will try find a solution.

  8. I did some troubleshooting, and LOL! it does not actually install it, it leaves the usb stick empty, even if it gives the impression it is installing to /dev/sdb1.

    No wonder it could not boot to usb.
    This installer does not work for usb sticks.

  9. Ok, I understand. I never thought it was possible. I’m curious though. Which Android-x86 system was possible to install the way you want?

  10. OK, it was a stupid mistake, it is possible with yours too.

    The mistake was to ask to format, it does not do it, it messes up the stick.

    So format to ext2 or ext3 from Linux (not sure about ext4), then install without format to usb (/dev/sdb1 in my case), with grub, boot from usb, and it works 🙂

  11. Hi Nabil,

    As you said it works! I will write an article about it. Very good for people who hesitate to install Android-x86 to hard drive. You don’t even have to have a Linux system installed to make this.
    Thanks again!

  12. You’re welcome.
    I haven’t looked into playing with your release yet, will let you know my experiences later on.
    Thanks for your work.

  13. Bought both KitKat and Lollipop builds hoping it would work. No matter what I pick on ‘Install/Debug Mode/Live’, I get a black screen and no evidence of USB activity.

    Model: Shuttle XH61V
    Chipset/Graphics: Intel H61
    Storage: Intel H61? (Not listed separately)
    Ethernet: Realtek 8111E
    Wifi: Intel 7250 802.11ac mPCIE card
    Sound: Realtek ALC662


    • I’m sorry to hear that, but how did you install/transfer the system to the USB stick? If you don’t even see the boot screen I suspect that the USB stick hasn’t been made bootable. Or can you run it on another computer?

      • “No matter what I pick on ‘Install/Debug Mode/Live’, I get a black screen and no evidence of USB activity.”

        It is booting from USB, and I am getting to the menu of Install/Debug Mode/Live, as I said.

  14. I burned it to a DVD to take that out of the equation:
    5.0.2 — no wifi or sound
    4.4.4 — no sound

    I suspect maybe analog sound would work, but I don’t have any analog equipment to test with. Is there something config file I can tweak to make HDMI sound work?

  15. hello
    i have hitachi flora p4 CPU 3.40GHZ
    Intel graphics chipset 946GZ
    Will it run andex lolipop

    • i wnt my money back, i cnt evn boot this up on my netbook aspire 1 d260, i tried the lili usb = not working

  16. As I say on the info page AndEX (Lollipop) won’t run on e v e r y computer. Can you run any other Android-x86 on your computer?

    Your Aspire 1 d260 should work though. Have you tried the USB stick on another computer? It could be that your USB install was unsuccessful. (Stick not bootable).

    Please check your mail.

    • I think so, but I can’t say for sure (since I have no computer with this card). My advice is that you shall try one of the free downloads of KitKat or Lollipop before you buy one of my versions.

      • I Try!

        Lollipop works with 1-2 fps :/ so unusable
        4.4 works only with vesa mode with avarage fps but no hardware acceleration

        • Mahsi,

          Then there is a good chance that my KitKat version 150504 will work since kernel 4.0.0-exton-android-x86 is used. But no guarantees….

  17. You are doing it wrong. Please do EXACTLY as I say here: https://andex.exton.net/?page_id=13

    As you can see on my LiLi picture LiLi will recognize the AndEX (Android-x86) Lollipop system as Debian Live 7.6.0 (Gnome). If not force LiLi to use Debian Live. Don’t let this fact bother you. The created AndEX USB stick will work perfect! Just restart your computer and have fun!

    …and you must of course choose the ISO file android-x86-5.0.2-lollipop-GAPPS-exton-782mb-150505.iso or the ISO file android-x86-4.4.4-kitkat-kernel4-exton-GAPPS-500mb-150504.iso to install on your USB stick. (Under “Choose a source”).

  18. wen i choose iso mode = this linux is not in the compatibility list, however linuxlive usb creator will try to use same install parameters as for regular linux

  19. i chnge the live mode 2 presistence in the options and choose 7.60 = gnome and set the 1310 check mark = format fat32 options and unmark the other 2 = fdd on my netbook

  20. Ultimate with lollipop. Bought last week

    Installed successfully on a HP laptop.
    Dual booted with win8.1

    Startup fine
    Loaded into lollipop and entered google credentials

    Connected to wifi and internet successfully

    Then, after updating google play servjces to the latest ver,
    The com.google.gapps process continuously fails

    Please advise

  21. Hello i but lollipop 5.0.2 and i have error Google playstation services has stopped working everytime.

    I’m testing on 2 différent computer with same error.

    What is the problem?

    Sorry for my english i’m french.

    • You just have to be a bit patient. As soon as you have your wireless connection ready you will be able to upgrade Google Play Services. Just as I say on the INFO site. I.e. just close the “error windows” and give your wireless connection credentials.

  22. For update Google play service i need to connect to m’y account to Google play but with error i can’t and is not possible to update any apps ?

  23. Finally you can. As I say just close all “error windows” so you’ll get the chance to connect. If you have installed the system to hard drive or to a USB stick with persistence those errors are a one time experience.

  24. Just downloaded Lollipop 5.0.2 ISO file with GAPPS (android-x86-5.0.2-lollipop-GAPPS-exton-782mb-150505.iso. Cannot be installed on GPT disk with more than 4 partitions. Create/Modify partitions goes to parted and shows partitions after #4 as a single unusable block. The first 4 partitions already have operating systems installed and obviously I cannot install on those.

    • Ok, that’s a way to do it. Thanks!

      In my latest Lollipop and KitKat version it shouldn’t be necessary though. When the wireless connection is ready Google Play Services will be updated automatically.

        • What do you mean? Can’t you connect wireless or/and can’t you install new apps with Google Play Store?
          Normally the latest version of Google Play Services will be installed when/before you install your first new app.

          • Wifi and ethernet connection ok but when I want to connect to the google play store, google play services crash every time suddenly I can not use Google applications or to update the application .

            I buy your version of Android -x86 4.4.4 KitKat Exton build and I is any bug on this version of the sudden I buy your version of Andex (Android -x86 ) with Lollipop 5.0.2 Google Play Store –other and GAPPSAndEX | Custom Android -x86 , but this version, I can not use the services of the play store .

          • It’s difficult to understand since everybody else (including me) can update Google Play Services and thus avoid crashes.

          • to update google play services , you connect to using your Google username?

            I still have the bug play service suddenly I can not login with my username so I can not proceed to update !!!

            Please understand you my problem ?

  25. how to solve the connection problem ? I buy your version of android but I can not make use of the play store .
    When you think to release a new version with all the applications to date and especially do I buy this release because the one you propose bug?

    • Yes, of course you have to log in to your Google account with your Gmail address before you can do anything. If you haven’t done that it explains your errors/problems.

      “Update iso”: When you have installed Android-x86 to your hard drive or to a USB stick with persistence (have you done that?) you can update/upgrade all apps. You can of course also install new apps.

      • installing on a laptop , Ext3 formatting with the installation of grub and write access .
        After reboot , I chose my language, activates the wifi , I select my wifi network , I connect to wifi.
        After updated search page and login page to my google account and crash google play service, return on wifi page and search update then login page and the same crash google play service.
        To finish setting and hit the launcher I am forced to cut the wifi.
        Getting to the choice of launcher , I selects one, I reconnected me wifi then towards the play store .
        The login page happens then when I started to type my login, crash google play service.

  26. Yes, that can be normal the FIRST time you start up the system from your hard drive. You just have to be a bit patient and close all error windows. Finally you will be able to BOTH activate your wifi and log in to your Google account. After that you can upgrade all apps. And you MUST upgrade Google Play Services.

    Then after a reboot you will get (almost) no error messages.

  27. My notebook running well using Linuxmint and all devices detected, if I’m install your build Kitkat 4.4.4, is it all devices also able do the same deteced ?, if not able detected after installing your kitkat build, can you give direction how to fix or copy the driver from Linuxmint later on ?, please your information before purchasing your kitkat build, Thanks.

    • Please read what I write about my latest KitKat version here: https://andex.exton.net/?p=188

      Linux Mint and Android-x86 are totally different. Most probably my KitKat version will work very well on your laptop, but I can’t guarantee that it will. If you want to be more confident (before you buy my KitKat version) I suggest that you try one of the free KitKat versions out there.

      You can’t “copy drivers” from Linux Mint to Android-x86.

  28. not sure of the link, can you give the download link your build free kitkat version, that I can start immediately to test before buy your full version ?, if not possible to put into this comment you can send the link to my email address directly,
    one thing of your kitkat build is it the full version support 3G Gobi 2000 ?, Thanks.

  29. Eko,

    I can’t give you any link, but just search Internet for it. Search terms for example “Android-x86 KitKat download”. You will find a lot.

    I myself have no free KitKat version to download.

    3G Gobi 2000: I can’t say for sure.

  30. Actually google play store is good that there is option user to test before purchase and they disable some feature before purchase the full version, it will reduce alot of user to ask about working or not to the their notebook. your build android is to support google open source also right and maybe to put also into google store later on.. 🙂

  31. Hello, I still can not connect to a play store, this error always google play service that crash .

  32. Hello Mr Exton,

    I’m tempted to purchase the 502 lollipop version, I think $9 USD is a very fair price for the work you’ve put into it, but I have a couple of concerns:

    Compatibility – I have a recent-model laptop, not old, but not new, and I’d like to suggest a try-before-you-buy version to test hardware compatibility before purchasing the full version. I admit I have no idea what this would look like – perhaps with Gapps stripped out?

    Updates – your custom kernel specifically. I have no issue with repurchasing for a version change, say 502 to 5.1, but if you make bug fixes in your kernel, how would those come in?


    Tim Moulder

    • Hi Tim,

      Well, I understand, but I can’t have any “try-out” versions. It will be too complicated (for me).

      If you feel uncertain I suggest that you try one of the free downloads of Lollipop/KitKat you can find on the Internet.

      I won’t make any “bug-fixes” in the kernel. Linus Torvalds take care of that. I will just change to a new one when possible.

  33. One more question, does your installation include setting up an SD card img file? and if so, what size limit?



    • I don’t know. Never thought of that. If you for example install Android-x86 on a 6GB partition you will have about 4,5GB room for extra apps etc.

  34. Hi Mr Exton,

    So I took the plunge and got the 20150520 Lollipop build. Here’s what I have learned so far:

    1. The dual boot setup described on the lollipop page needs to be updated, the folder for kernel, initrd and such is pointing to the wrong date. I caught it at install, but someone else might not.

    2. Installed on an EXT3 partition, dual-booting with Linux Mint 17. After install and a couple of reboots, still could not update Google Play Services, getting the infamous “972” error.

    Apparently, this is a baseline problem in Android-x86, and the suggested fix is installing to an EXT4 partition. Many reports say this fixed it.

    3. So, I reformatted to EXT4 and reinstalled. This did not go over well. I was able to boot, but got a constant series of maps / play store /play services errors. A reboot after setting up got some updates, but the errors reappeared again after a few minutes.

    Any thoughts?



    • Hi,

      1. Yes, you are right. I forgot. I have corrected it now.

      2. Yes, I’ve also heard that ext4 is a better choice.

      3. As I say on the info site you will get ONE message saying that Google Maps has to be updated. Sounds like you also have to update Google Play Services. Try to open Google+. You should then get a message saying that you have to update Google Play Services. Do it. After that everything should be ok. Do a couple of restarts. After every restart the system checks if any app needs to be updated. You can see small signs of that in the upper left corner.

      Thanks for letting me know how it went.


      EDIT a little later
      You got me a bit worried so I did a fresh install of AndEX. Basically it is as I write above.

  35. Just got ISO and install to Fujitsu lifebook notebook the touchscreen not working, tried to install lolipop version also the same not working.

    About information from Android Kitkat 4.4.4:
    Kernel Version: 4.0.0-exton-android-x86+
    Mon May 4 15:28:28 CEST 2015

    can you guide how to activate the touchscreen ?
    Fujitsu using Wacom touchscreen

  36. No, I’m sorry. I can’t. I.e. I don’t know if it’s possible to activate the touchscreen. Maybe it isn’t supported in the kernel.

  37. Hi again Mr Exton,

    I’ve tried a couple times on EXT3 and EXT4, and was not successful at getting the system operational. The 972 error on EXT3 is persistent, and EXT4 reproduces the same issues previously described, regardless of how many times I reboot. I suppose this is not suitable to my particular laptop.

    One piece you might find useful, however – in EXT3, installing to a 128 gig partition, after installation showed 117 gig internal storage. On EXT4, it showed 1.7 gig of internal storage, and 118 gig of external storage. Not sure why the formatting should affect this.



  38. Hi – I bought this a few weeks ago (Lollipop Build) and I appreciate your hard work — can you answer these two questions though?

    1) Is Lollipop extremely dependent on a fast CPU….and/or a fast GPU in order to operate at a decent pace? I tried the live version on several older i7s and an i5…and despite them having 6-8GB of RAM and 2-4 cores, Lollipop was unusable due to slow response/screen redraw. When I put it on a somewhat newer i5 with 8GB of RAM (and nothing fancy GPU-wise) it ran at native speed.

    2) Also, why include all that Cyanogen stuff? Why can’t it be a pure Lollipop build with nothing extra?


    • 1) Yes, as I said on the info sites AndEX (Lollipop) can’t run on older computers. The KitKat version is better in that respect.

      2) I guess I could. I myself think that those extra apps are useful though.

      • Could you clarify a bit more what you mean by “modern”? The reason I’m asking is that I’d like to build a desktop machine that just has Android Lollipop on it. What I’m trying to figure out is the CPU type the bottleneck or the GPU? Or both? Will a latest generation i5 w/ 8GB RAM and a Linux-friendly nVidia card be what I need (similar to what I tested previously on a laptop and it worked great) -or- can I go a cheaper route an get a latest generation i3, have 8GB and rely on Intel onchip GPU?

        I know it’s a hard question to answer specifically, but I’m almost wondering if the CPU generation is the true bottleneck, because I tested on an i7 laptop from 2010 w/ 8GB and it was terrible…and I tested on a latest gen i5 w/ 8GB laptop and it was great. Neither had a siginificant non-cpu videocard to rely on.


        • Hi,

          Not much I can say. I have four laptops myself. Two fairly new and two very old. (About 10 years old).

          One “new” Aspire 5750G with Nvidia: The Lollipop build (and the KitKat version) work alright.

          One new Lenovo Z50 with Nvidia: The Lollipop build (and the KitKat version) work, but no wireless connection because of a Broadcom card.

          One old Acer Aspire 5102WLMi with ATI/Radeon: The KitKat version works alright.

          One old HP Pavilion with Nvidia: The KitKat version works alright, but no wireless connection because of a Broadcom card.

          I have to rely pretty much on what other people write about compatibility etc.

  39. Hello Exton,
    i just bought the KitKat iso and tried to install it on my Medion Akoya P2212T.
    Unfortunately, this device does not support legacy boot. Do you also have an UEFI version of AndEx ? Is it possible to install android to the internal harddrive without booting the usb-stick ? What about using DD to write directly to a partition ? Is that possible ?


  40. Does it work on lenovo y570 laptop.it has a 1gb dedicated nvidia gt555m gpu and a core i7 cpu.the wireless card is an intel wireless.And also can it handle dea trigger 2 , modern combat 4,5 and asphalt 8.if it ticks all boxes then i will purchase your product.

  41. Hello

    I Bought your android builds both KitKat and Lollipop, the Kitkat works fine on my Toshiba A500-1G2 but the lollipop don’t start, after I select android to start computer start booting with some initial kernel messages then my screen looks like this : http://ivh.ovh/images/2015/08/21/20150821132026.jpg

    The laptop has the following specs:
    Toshiba A500-1G2
    Intel Core i5-430M (2.26 GHz)
    nVidia GeForce G310M 512 MB
    4 GB of RAM
    60 GB SSD

    can you help me?
    P.S the android lollipop installs fine but I can’t run it

    • You say it “installs fine but I can’t run it”. Do you mean that you can run the Lollipop version live? (Without installing it).

  42. The installer runs and install fine on the SSD I cannot run the lollipop after install onto my SSD. I can run it life from CD but only in vesa mode, if I try to use the first option “run without installation” or similar the effect is the same as I wrote in the comment. But in VESA mode the performance is poor even mouse cursor lags

    • You could play with the following parameters:

      * Booting with parameter “nomodeset”
      * Booting with parameter “xforcevesa”
      * Booting with parameter “nomodeset xforcevesa”

  43. It would be a good idea to make “live cd” only versions with no installer available for free, and the installer included in pay versions of the same. Since it’s kind of a crapshoot whether it works on my particular platform, and it seems I have rolled snake-eyes.

  44. So it did not work. I am getting a little success from this ISO:
    android-x86-4.4-r1.iso from androidx86

    I am running Vmware ESXi with a PCI (not pcie) Geforce FX5200 & a usb card passed thru to the VM.

    When connected to the monitor I want (with the touch screen) I get garbled graphics about 1″ wide across the middle of the screen.

    I tried a big monitor and it displays fine. If I switch after boot the touch monitor also works, I am missing some around the edges though.

    wm size =1920×1080 physical
    wm density=240

    The wm values are the same whichever monitor

    If I set vesa, I only get the vmware svga working, not the passed thru video.

    Since I bought your ISO, maybe you can help me with some suggestion?


  45. Hello. I am having problems with Google Play Services not wanting to upgrade. I have tried clearing cashe, data, uninstalling updates.. no good on anything. Does living in the states make a difference with google services? Are there going to be updates to 5.1.1? If there is an update, what is the best way to get notified?

  46. Tried three different ways to make an USB-stick, Linux, dd, and Windows.
    None of them leads to success; Stick doesn´t boot.

    I wished I had bought beer for this $9…

  47. I’m wondering if the Andex build would work with the “Talkback” app used to make Android accessible to blind people. I’d love to learn this app, but I haven’t wanted it badly enough to buy a device to learn on. This might be a great alternative.

  48. Hello

    I’ve a error with version 5.1.1. After install this version on harddisk, I cant update or install applications with Google Play.

    Error en Google Play is 967 or 903.


  49. Bo,

    In my answer to you 150915 I said: “I tried with Kingston DataTraveler 111 8GB at first. It didn’t work. The stick couldn’t be made bootable”.

    It was due to a “bad” partition table. I created a new one with GParted. After that the Kingston stick worked as expected.

  50. hello!

    great distro! thanks for your job!

    I have one laptop acer aspire 5315

    I see some weird characters ?

    Video works but texts, menus etc sometimes is buged…

    this is video problem driver?


  51. So firstly- Awesome work !
    I will love running this distro if i can manage it. I currently have purchased your latest Lollipop ISO and have it burned to a usb flash drive. The boot menu loads and offers up several options to choose from. Sadly the live loads do not complete. The primary selection drops out to command line (root/#) and none of the usual start X commands seem to run the android ui.Versa seems broken graphically as well as debug. I am able to run through the install directly menus but have not been able to get past command line.
    For reference I have run many different distros on this MBA3.1 (2010 Macbook Air 11 inch) any ideas on what might start this up?

    • As I understand it you have installed AndEX to hard drive. You could then play with the following boot parameters:

      * Booting with parameter “nomodeset”
      * Booting with parameter “xforcevesa”
      * Booting with parameter “nomodeset xforcevesa”

  52. Hi. I just downloaded and tried the Lollipop build on my Dell Optiplex 780 machine. Graphics are hazy, I am unable to read the screen contents randomly, but it works most of the time.
    The bigger problem I am facing is that mic does not work. I have an inbuilt mic, and line mic ports in front and rear – none of them work. I cannot use Google Hangouts which was my primary use. Can you please help ? I would be happy to help with any debugging information. Thanks !!

  53. Hi,
    Hi I was able to download the ISO image and boot using USB 3.0. I was able to boot and during the installation when it asks to install grub loader the system will get stuck at that point.
    If I skip installing the grub loader and continue the installation then I cannot boot to Android.
    I was able to continue the installation without installing the grub loader and at the end to load Android and it worked just fine. But after I restarted the laptop I was not able to boot to Android.

    How I can install grub loader??
    I use ext3 to format the drive.

  54. Will your Lollipop 5.1.1 release work on my older ASUS Eee PC 1005HAB? I tried android-x86-5.1-rc1 & it will not boot the kernel. I currently have android-x86-4.4-r3 installed. I’m curious as you have your own custom kernel that appears to support more hardware than the original.

  55. Just wanted to update you all on this latest iso 501010
    It boots nicely on a 2010 Macbook Air 11″. Of course as mentioned in the how too Broadcom wifi is a none starter. But everything else is good. Keyboard is picked up, Bluetooth is recognized, sound too. webcam starts but wont fully run.
    Thanks again for the 5.1.1 iso update. I run Debian full time on this device so will keep working on the broadcom issue. Might be able to make it run yet.
    Keep up the great work.

  56. looking for solutions to the following problems

    No Sound. I have no sound from speakers or headphone jack. Alsa does not have any sound cards

    Screen Rotation. The screen rotates in opposite. eg when holding the device landscape the screen is upside down.


  57. i found this on this site: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/android-x86/MH5UMb-kHZQ

    its pretty old now but maybe it still applies
    also my my sound driver is intel sst if it helps

    Please update the libaudio from git:

    repo sync hardware/libaudio

    which contains the audio hal fix for baytrail.

    If it still doesn’t work, you may need to create your own
    alsa state from a normal linux distros (ubuntu…)
    and then copy it to android-x86.

    What’s the result of this?

    cat /proc/asound/card?/id

  58. Ok, but it seems to be rather complicated (…”you may need to create your own alsa state from a normal linux distros (ubuntu…)
    and then copy it to android-x86″).

    I think “repo sync hardware/libaudio” must have been done by now.

  59. A comment and a question please:
    1. I don’t know if you’ve been trying to get the 64-bit builds to work. I’ve been trying to get 64-bits running on virtualbox.and failing for weeks, but I finally found the problem earlier today. There are three files which need to change names to get 64-bit to work:
    init.android_86.rc and

    I just changed the names of these three files by replacing x86 with x86_64 — and that was enough for all the 64-bit images to work!!

    Unfrtunately however, there’s a problem — perhaps you understand what’s really going on: my android-51.1 is sort of sluggish on virtualbox. after a lot of digging around, I think I understood that virtualbox does NOT virtualize the GPU — which in my case is an NVIDIA gtx 970. INstead, it has it’s own software graphics. IF this is true, i guess that explains why it seems to not be very snappy.

    WOuld you know if this is true? is there some way to ‘pass through’ the gpu, or get better graphics performance out of a vrtualbox pc?

    Is VMWare any better? does it viirtualize the GPU as well as the CPU? If so, that would be a big reason to prefer vmware over virtualbox. I can’t use windows Hyper-V, because **those** virtual machines don’t have USB support!! And like you, I want to run Skype on the android-x86, so I need USB to attach the camera. A workaround would be some driver for android that would let an incoming IP video stream seem to android-x86 to be a front or back camera. There is a very common windows program called “manycam” which does this, but it doesn’t seem to exist for android IF you know of anything that does that, please let me know.

    i agree with you, though, that getting an android tablet to run in a window on my pc desktop is pretty awesome.

  60. Hello, I bought the version 15:10:10 Lollipop x86, it no longer presents more the error in the Google Play Store, Bluetoth does not work and screen recorder not work, will release the next version of the rom? you can fix these errors in the next build? and one more question, I paid for version 15:10:10 lollipop 5.1 x86, if there is another version of this rom, I have to pay again? please answer. THANK YOU
    : D

    Sorry my english, I use Google translator

  61. Hello,
    Excuse my English school.
    My setup:
    PC : $ uname -mnrs : Linux jeesie 3.16.0-4-amd64 x86_64
    VM : virtualbox-5.0_5.0.10-104061-Debian-jessie_amd64.deb
    ANDROID : android-x86-5.1.1-lollipop-kernel-4.0.8-exton-GAPPS-588mb-151010.iso
    { Partition ext3 }
    My problems:
    Facebook has stopped
    YouTube does not work
    963 Error with Google Play Store. No new installation or to update.
    Can you offer me solutions to be tested.
    Thanks in advance,

    • This is what I have written on the INFO page about your problems:

      About error 963 and Google Play Store
      If you have installed AndEX on an ext3 partition you may get the dreaded error message 963 when trying to install new apps via Google Play Store. According to many forum posts and my own experience the only real good fix is to install Andex/Lollipop to an ext4 partition. There we have another problem since Grub2 can’t be installed to an ext4 partition when installing AndEX/Lollipop. That problem can only be solved if you have Grub2 installed in another Linux system on your computer. (Then you can use an ext4 partition for the installation and afterwards edit your Grub2 installation in your other Linux system). This problem with ext3/ext4 (error 963) is only applicable for AndEX/Lollipop. I.e. Google Play Store will work as expected in my KitKat version of Android-x86 even if the Android system is installed on an ext3 partition. Note: This error will probably not show up in AndEX Build 151010.

      Other problems with Google Play Store
      Under certain circumstances Google Play Store can crash. What you can do then is to install the latest version of Google Play Store using Aptoide App Manager. Before that you should go to Settings and remove all traces of Google Play Store from “data” and “system”. After that reboot your computer before you go on and install the new downloaded version of Google Play Store. Note: You can’t upgrade Google Play Store using Google Play Store. Here Aptoide come in handy.

  62. Any chance of getting 3d acceleration and sound working with an alienware 18 with GTX 770M 3GB and intel I7 4700mq with 16gb ram. With regular android x86 i can’t get anything other than VESA support and only in the 32 bit version and 64 bit just boots to command line. Looking at either 5.1.1 or 6.0.

  63. Hi Exton ,
    I am interested in purchasing the rom, however i have an intel NUC with sound playing over HDMI port.
    When I traied working with stock x86 rom the audio didn’t work.
    Can you tell If this rom support intel nuc DC3217IY HW?


  64. Installed latest M version. Missing supersu and root capabilities. Should I install again making sure it allows read /write?

  65. I’ve bought the andex lollipop ISO.
    I need to know if it’s possible or not to extend the internal storage more than 2 GB.
    I have also an USB key that has been recognized but not as internal storage.
    If it’s possible please explain me how to do this.
    Thank you

    • I’m not sure what you mean. If you install the system to hard drive the whole drive (partition) will be used as “internal storage”.

  66. I left 30 gb of my hard drive for android and then booted the USB and I tried to start the installation on the partition it did this:

    Format as ext? I’ve tried ext3 and ext4

    GRUB? yes (I’ve tried no)

    GGRUB 2 EFI? yes

    Format boot? no

    Read/write? yes


    Reboot? yes


    So, what do I do??

    I have tried installing different grubs etc. What do I do? If there is no way, can I please receive a refund?


  67. Hello,
    you might have Android kernel with 32-bit PAE kernel or 64-bit? Thank you.
    P.S. I have notebook with 12gb RAM. Android 32bit only supports up 4GB RAM.
    Thank you.

  68. Hi, I tried to run 160214 kitkat4.4 in Parallels & VirtualBox on a Macbook Pro. In both applications I get the message:
    “Failed to find cpu0 device node’
    ‘Detecting Android-x86… found at /dev/sr0’

    Any pointers how to solve this?


    • “Failed to find cpu0 device node’
      ‘Detecting Android-x86…”

      Those messages are normal. About Parallels & VirtualBox on a Macbook I don’t know. Never used them myself.

  69. SYSTEM: HP Compaq dc7900 Ultra-slim Desktop PC (older machine)
    VIDEOCARD: Q45 GMCH Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500 (integrated graphics controller – Worksperfect!)
    SOUNDCARD: AD1884A HD Audio Codec (no sound after boot and after some time there is sound)
    – Audio mixer
    – Two digital-to-analog stereo converters
    – Two analog-to-digital stereo converters
    – Analog I/O
    – Supports stereo (two-channel) audio streams

    Bought & Installed: androidx86 4.4 (videocard low quality only, partialy working, no sound after boot after a while sound)
    Bought & Installed: androidx86 5 (videocard 100%, no sound after boot after a while sound)
    Bought & Installed: androidx86 6 (videocard 100%, no sound after boot after a while sound)

    So… I build a product (media center) on androidx86 but the issue with the sound is a problem for me. It needs to go on prodcution but it’s not possible with sound issue.

    QUESTION1: My question any ideas what problem is?
    QUESTION2: I want to create a special build with my launcher, like embedded Android. Can you do that and waht are the costs?

    Thx Adnvanced.



  70. Dear Exton,

    I red about an androïd version for Raspberry Pi2, but the link to payloadz seems to be inactive.

    Is it still possible to download this version (I understood it was not free) ?


  71. when i installed it on virtualbox, it did not boot into graphic user interface but it stayed at command line, do you have any solution ?

  72. Hello this version of the kernel already includes the touch i2c gsl1680 drivers and Bluetooth rtl8723bs the compiled Realtek

  73. Dear Exton
    I just buy your product with ref 7SB72229BH226633M,
    I have also successfully download and install to my PC

    As for emerging issue

    1. when I play 3D games, the mouse and keyboard can not use in that games
    it looks like the mouse and keyboard do not work with hardware acceleration

    Can you help
    thank you

  74. so, for that issue, have any other way to play the game?
    in my case, i want to play death trigger2, modren combat and many other 3d games. Thanks

  75. Hello, my question is this : I can not find any version of Android X86 containing driver wifi my tablet, which uses is the rtl8723bu , wanted to know if your version has this driver or if I’ll buy you could include it ?

  76. Hello! Can you add a supersu at android 7.0?
    I can’t do it myself really… haha

    BTW, does OTA works in this build?
    I paid Android x86 Nougat 2016 09 04 build and I want to check this.
    Free update?

    Exellent build ever!

    • I don’t for now certain about Supersu, but I don’t THINK it’s possible.

      I will try to send new versions via PayLoadz.com to all who have bought a previous version of AndEX Nougat.

      I also don’t know about OTA. Try to install it yourself. Please let me know the result.

    • The KitKat version, but I can’t say for sure that it will work. Your computer is quite old and “weak”. And I don’t know about the support for Intel’s Atom N450 processor. Somebody who have tried it?

      • Thanks for the quick response. I tested O ANdroid x86 and it works fine. However I wanted something more stable and with updates, and so I wanted to buy yours, but I would like to know even if it will work. Thank you.

  77. Purchased Android-x86_64 Nougat 7.1.1 with GAPPS and kernel 4.4.40-exton-android-x86_64 for $9. Will you provide free updates?

  78. Would one of these versions work with my Lenovo Yoga 700-11isk?

    Processor: Intel m5-6y54
    RAM: 4 GB (built into the motherboard without option of expanding)
    Installed a Samsung 500mg SSD as an upgrade

    I previously purchased AndEX (Android-x86) 5.1.1 Lollipop with GAPPS and kernel 4.0.3 – Build 150611 (Transaction ID: 8S269814AU2831626) but had trouble getting it to work consistently in the end (I forget the issue, sorry–not sure if it was just for lack of trying on my end).

  79. Hi, Im using android-x86 but the installer don’t recognize my drive to install it, my drive is an SSD samsung NVMe (lenovo Miix 510, windows tablet). Does your android-x86 custom work with this type of drive?

    • jhozeff,

      I would advise you to install one ordinary Linux system first with Grub2. If you for example install Ubuntu you will get dual boot with Windows 10 automatically. You can later on create a special install partition for Android-x86. Then just add Grub boot lines for Android-x86 in Ubuntu (/boot/grub/grub.cfg). See my example below.

      menuentry ‘Android-x86_64 7.1.1 Nougat 170201 (sda8)’ {
      insmod gzio
      insmod part_msdos
      insmod ext2
      set root=’hd0,msdos8′
      linux /android-2017-01-30/kernel quiet root=/dev/ram0 androidboot.hardware=android_x86_64 \
      acpi_sleep=s3_bios,s3_mode androidboot.selinux=permissive SRC=/android-2017-01-30 DPI=140 \
      initrd /android-2017-01-30/initrd.img

  80. i am using android-x86_64-nougat-7.1.1-gapps-exton-build-939-.iso on my Windows tablet Live usb works fine, but when i install to my HD it works ok till i start updating the apps then it starts crashing google play store has stop responding i get options to mute until reboot so i reboot same issue. other things start crashing also the launcher 3 and others. only way to fix is reinstall then same issue if I update.

    • Are you using these boot lines?

      menuentry ‘Android-x86_64 7.1.1 Nougat 170201 (sda8)’ {
      insmod gzio
      insmod part_msdos
      insmod ext2
      set root=’hd0,msdos8′
      linux /android-2017-01-30/kernel quiet root=/dev/ram0 androidboot.hardware=android_x86_64 \
      acpi_sleep=s3_bios,s3_mode androidboot.selinux=permissive SRC=/android-2017-01-30 DPI=140 \
      initrd /android-2017-01-30/initrd.img

      I have AndEX 7.1.1 installed on two computers. One is using Google Play Store 7.6.08.N-all and the other 7.5.08.M-all. No problems whatsoever.

      • I am new to this . so i am using what ever default it installs. How do I change the boot lines to what you have above ?

        i tried another android 7.1 iso i found on interest had the same issue

        then i installed Android-x86 6.0-r2 (Marshmallow-x86 and it works perfectly
        so maybe its android 7.1.1

        can you send me your Marshemallow release ?

        • To change the Grub configuration you’ll have to have one other Linux system installed. Is that the case?

          I’ve sent you AndEX Marshmallow.

  81. Hi.Can I use a wireless keyboard in the raspberry pi 3 with raspand nougat?
    For example logitech k400 plus

  82. Feature Suggestion:

    In the next release please make it so we can sign into our Google Accounts to download apps

    Also release a free version for people to try before they buy. Thanks!

  83. Getting “error variable ‘root’ isn’t set.out of range pointer 0x4a00460000 Aborted” when trying to boot after install 7.1.2 – 170930.

  84. AndEX Marshmallow 6.0.1 – 64bit
    Hi, media volume Control only toggles on/off, Think I had this with the official distro too, bit Clueless how to fix, could it be a audio driver issue?
    Using external keyboard keycode 114/115, adjusting ring/alarm volume works.

    Realtek ALC671, fujitsu esprimo q556
    This is only a software test intallation.
    Going to try permanent install on a Gigabyte GB-BXBT-2807 when delivered but that also have a Realtek soundcard but ALC283.

  85. Ignore my post, upon rereading noted that the keycode was to low to be a true mediakey,, key map fixed.

  86. Hi
    I dont have Linux in any of my computers.
    can i use to intall AndEX Oreo 8.1 (Android-x86_64) – Build 180202?
    Or will i use one other build. I want to install in a old pc whid no working windows 10
    Or is it possible to donate for obtain a full bootable usb drive?

  87. Hi wich Setting you have set for android_x86_64-7.1.2-nougat-gapps-kernel-4.13.3-exton-958mb-170930 in VMWare ?

    • This is what I wrote on the INFO site.

      Running AndEX Nougat in VirtualBox and/or VMware
      You cannot run AndEX Nougat 7.1.2 Build 170930 (from the ISO file) live in VirtualBox and VMware. But you can (of course) install AndEX 7.1.2 to a virtual hard drive in VirtualBox and VMware. AndEX Build 170930 will then run very well both in VirtualBox and VMware. I have kept one of my previous builds AndEX Nougat 7.0 161107 since you can run Build 161107 live in VirtualBox and VMware very well. AndEX 7.1.2 Build 170619 and AndEX 7.0 Build 161107 work very well in VMware (and VirtualBox) as I just said. Watch a slideshow, which shows all installation steps in VMware.

  88. Am trying to find a solution that allows me to use Amazon Prime Video and other video apps on my PC. I purchased your latest Oreo build and ran it from a USB. Booted nicely but both Prime Video and Netflix would FC when trying to run them.

    I can install through VMWare or through a dual boot setup if necessary but I wanted to be sure it would work before I installed to my hard drive.

  89. I am interested in Android x86 9.0 Pie.
    1.) Will it run on KVM machine (if i will connect your ISO image and control it via VNC)
    2.) Does it has Debug Mode? (i.e. will I see debug output in /data/log.txt file in Debug Mode?)

  90. Dear Exton

    How i uninstall pre-installed apps?
    I tried any root uninstaller but doesn’t working
    My anti-virus software issues a warning for Pre-installed apps that do background work

    android terminal can be su
    Running on vmware
    Android 8.1 181028

  91. Compre la ultima versión y ni siquiera me enviaron el link para bajarla. Que ha pasado ???


  92. Hi, any support for rtl8111e lan card? I installed your oreo image to an asrock a75m-itx and the onboard lan, which is a rtl8111e cannot be detected. Now have to plug in to a wifi to get internet, but I need the onboard lan to be working as the network switch is just beside the pc..

  93. I have used several Android x86, but their support for NVIDIA geforce graphics card is poor. Can your system use it

  94. Hello, I wonder, does the install on a laptop is meant to be installed on top of an older/new windows install or is it just meant to be installed on a clean( or formatted) harddrive (in my case)?

  95. Good afternoon ,

       I need to install Android 8.1 or 9 on a raspberry PI4 and use a TouchScreen PCAP 18.5 or 23 “monitor. Is there a specific version of RaspAnd that works with touch monitors?

  96. Hello, I bought AndEx version 10 200604, and he installed various apps and games (Pokemon Go) and it closed as soon as he tried to open them … will you know if there is any specific reason for this that I am not noticing?

  97. Hey Exton,
    I’m hoping you can help me out, I’ve just loaded up your 200405 android 10 iso. I’m current running it off my USB in Live Mode, Just to see how everything looks and I have to say “Beautiful Work”…..anyway, Out of curiosity I chucked the usb in my GPD Win2 as I may decided to Dual boot and have both W10 and Android.
    I’ve read your release notes on the build, currently everything I’ve tried works apart from bluetooth of course. The in-built controller surprisingly works as well as the Touch Screen, but the problem im facing is the screen orientation is outputting in Potrait Mode not Landscape.
    Is there any way I can change this? In AMD64 under “Sensors” it displays “Kbd Orientation Sensor” which im guessing is the sensor responsible for screen orientation but hitting the Auto Rotate does nothing.
    Under “Systen” “Device Features” i can see i have “Android.hardware for Landscape,Portrait, Accelerometer & Gyroscope.
    The display on this machine according to AMD64 is Resolution of 720×1280, Screen size of 131mm x 80mm, Screen diagonal of 6.03 inches, Pixel density of 243 dpi with a Xdpi/Ydpi of 140/406 dpi.

    The GPU vendor is Intel open source with a GPU renderer using Mesa DRI intel HD Graphics 615 (Kaby Lake GT2)
    GPU version Open GL ES 3.2 Mesa 19.3.5 (git-3964a4a2aa)

    Basically all I want if possible is to have the screen output in Landscape mode, With or without Auto Rotate.

    Thanks for your time and work look forward to hearing from you

      • Hey Exton,

        Thanks for the reply, While I was waiting i decied to take the plunge and Installed your Build. Not in a Dual Boot config but on a spare 128gb NvME drive that was replaced with a larger capacity one.
        Took your advice and did a Auto Install without any problems, then I saw your reply to try Rotation Control and low n behold it WORKED!!!!!
        Awesome!!!!! Out of all the Android x86 builds I’ve tried on my GPD Win2 yours is the only 1 that I have successfully managed to get rotated into landscape mode using the Rotation Control app.
        I’ve used it before on other x86 builds but it never worked, so I didn’t think to use it again but I’m glad I listened this time round. Thnaks Again and keep up the Great Work.!!!!

  98. I recently paid for AndEX10. Works fine and is nice to have it pre-rooted but is a bit limited I guess… Is there a possibility to get a version with Magisk or instructions to install it?

  99. What about the Lenovo Ideapad D330? With your 10 release, I can’t start the installation because the device flips to vertical screen and gets buggy, so is not possible to see any option. Is there a fix for 10, 11 or any other release?

  100. Oh, great… Is that a topic? Maybe this?

    USB install
    How to install AndEX (Android-x86_64) 7.1.1 Nougat (and my other Android-x86 systems) to a USB Pen Drive – in three ways
    Note: This instruction is not valid for AndEX 10 Build 200108/200218 and AndEX Oreo 8.1 Build 180614

    (not valid precisely for the version I paid) Or maybe this?

    How-to dual-boot, triple-boot or multi-boot Linux with Windows in a simple way and be happy…
    In this instruction I will show you how easy it is to have several Linux systems installed on one computer together with for example Windows 10. The configuration is so simple a ten year old child can do it.


    (Where all the linked words are redirecting to WordPress error)

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